Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the nittany lion inn

the nittany lion inn. 

i get to work at some beautiful properties.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

valentine's day

well, it's official. i am a terrible blogger. 

i think my wake-up call was that one of my favorite
 bloggers,, had a BABY on 
valentine's day and has managed to blog about it! 
i've done nothing but be a lazy 
college student and i can't seem to even manage blogging about that.

anyways! my valentine's day was awesome. my dad came to 
visit and got me these gorgeous roses.  it was also 
my half birthday and i love birthdays. 

here's to me blogging more and a happy belated 
valentine's day. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

thank you, rebecca

yesterday, i received a beautifully wrapped present from my best friend. 
when i picked up the package and saw her name written on the 
return address, i just about died. 

rebecca has and always will be my everything. she is my other half, my best friend
and most trusted companion. i miss her terribly while we're away at school (her, rhode island
and me, pennsylvania) but this gift made my week.

here is the lovely, bedadzzled, betsey johnson piggy she sent me. 
she knows me so well (i collect piggy banks).

xoxo rebecca!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


i never had trouble making friends when i was growing up. 

i was always loud, always talking, always joking, always connecting
that is until i got to college. 
i was so terrified about being in this new, big pond that i simply shut down.
i wasn't myself and anyone who has ever been there knows just how
awful that feels.

then max came along.

minutes before one of many freshman orientations began, a cheerful "ginger"
came bouncing into the room and sat directly in front of me.
he was well dressed and gained a great deal of attention from constantly
raising his hand. although i never intended to befriend this red head (or anyone
for that matter), i made a point of striking up a conversation with this kid
after the lecture was over. as fate would have it we were in the same major
and he has been such a joy to me ever since.
thank you for all that you do, max. thank you
for all of the laughs, all of the "real talks" and all of advice.

you have become my dearest friend here at penn state and i'm not
sure what i'd do without you.