Tuesday, June 25, 2013

cape may, new jersey (part 3, final post)

cape may, i love you.
you're one of my new favorite places in the world. 

hope to see you soon. 

*** the lovely girl pictured is my beautiful
baby sister, katherine. 
happy belated birthday, katch.***

the blue pig (cape may part 2)

connected to our hotel (congress hall) was a lovely tavern 
named the blue pig! once a gambling hall, the blue pig
is now one of the top fine dinning restaurants in cape may!

we were very spoiled at the blue pig after our waitress heard
it was my mom's birthday. she even treated mom to a slice
of one of her favorites, key lime pie! 

the service and view were outstanding while the food 
was only so-so. i ordered the meatloaf because
i was in a comfort-food kinda mood and it wasn't very good. 

my mistake? yeah, probably. but otherwise the blue pig was lovely! 

happy belated birthday, mom! one more cape may post to go.

congress hall in cape may, new jersey (part 1)

welcome to congress hall in cape may, new jersey! 

built in the 1800's, this historic hotel served as the perfect
backdrop for my lovely mother's birthday last week. 

as a lover of all things historic and adventurous, this trip 
proved to be exactly what the doctor ordered and we had
a lovely trip. more posts to come! 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

ladew topiary gardens

after a trip to cape may, i am finally getting around to 
posting my pictures from the ladew topiary gardens!

monday morning my mom drug me out of bed to 
go to the gardens and i am so glad she did. 

the gardens use to belong to millionaire harvey s. ladew
who was like a real-life jay gatsby. his best friend? prince edward. 

very cool. we even ate lunch in mr. ladew's old stables! 

please check out his wikipedia page or the garden's website 
for more history! i was totally blown away.