Friday, August 16, 2013

virginia beach

my beach vacation with my dad's side of the family 
was dedicated to relaxation. we slept as much as 
we wanted, we ate what we wanted, we did whatever 
 made us happy. the whole week was very therapeutic for me, especially 
when my closest friend, rebecca,  joined us half way through the week. 

i regret not taking more pictures on this trip but instead i was more focused on 
getting some much needed r&r. what is pictured is just a glimpse into 
what a typical day included. dragonflies, home cooking and lots of ice cream!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


sorry for not having posted in a while! 

i've been very surprised to see that people are still 
looking at my blog everyday without me having to post. 
thank you! 

here are some generic butterfly pictures. when i 
was little i use to think that seeing a swallowtail 
was an omen of good luck.