Tuesday, July 2, 2013

d.c. for the day

on monday matt and i paid
 a visit to my favorite day-trip destination: d.c!

it was around 95 degrees all day long, there was a red 
panda loose at the zoo (rusty has since been found, phew!) and
i was getting flustered over the tiniest things, but matt 
made everything better. he always does. 

to all my fellow photography friends, doesn't the zoo suck 
for getting good shots?! i mean, i was ecstatic the entire
day to get some good pictures of adorable animals but 
the harsh sun and fingerprint-covered glass
made for a photography nightmare! 

just about the only good shots i got were of monkeys,
and for those of you who don't know me, i'm terrified 
of monkeys.

oh well. the trip made for great memories with matt 
that i will always cherish. thank you, d.c. 

**we also stopped by the air and space museum for like twenty minutes
to avoid the heat. cool place, love to go back**

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