Saturday, July 20, 2013

bob's clam shack

first stop on our maine vacation: bob's clam shack in kittery, maine.
after eight hours of driving we revisited this awesome dive 
(mom found it last year on diners, drive-in and dives) and i
splurged on the lillian special*.

i'm sorry for my lack of blogging but i wanted to hold off
on publishing these posts until we got home for safety reasons.
don't want to tell the whole world we're away from home!

i also wanted to point out that i've been afraid
that i've been over-editing my pictures so i didn't
touch these latest few. maybe i will later on in
the week but, who knows! 

*the lillian is the pile of fried deliciousness you see
above. also, my sister kathy thought i looked exactly
like the tourist-trap clam

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