Saturday, July 20, 2013

saco drive-in theater

okay, i am feeling so lame because this post only has three pictures but,
sunday night when we went to the drive-in in saco, i was
having such a blast that i really just forgot to take pictures. 

last year when my family visited old orchard beach, we knew there
was a drive-in but we never managed to get our butts off the beach 
and actually go! so, this year we made the drive-in top priority.

the movies? despicable me 2 and monsters university. top notch. 

i really miss drive-in movie theaters. back when we lived 
in state college there was still one around and i remember
sitting on the hood of our ancient volvo (that thing was 
basically a tank) all wrapped up in blankets.

 i mean, really, 
they're just awesome. and it makes me sad thinking about how my 
own kids will probably never get to experience a drive-in.

maybe if i ever win the lotto i'll make it my own personal vendetta 
to bring back the drive-in. maybe.

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